Why This School?

Walnut Creek Auction College is a one-of-a-kind auction education. With our deep experience in the auction industry for years and operating an extremely profitable company, we can develop your knowledge base across the broadest set of information and topics of any auction school.

1. Buyer behavior changes with time

2. Selling venues have become rich with options

3. Making money in this industry isn’t automatic

That means you must understand how to change the interaction between you, the seller and buyers. We talk about that at length because understanding buyers is crucial to making money.

From live-crowd auctions to silent, online auctions to hybrids in between. We’ll discuss what merchandise and considerations should be used to decide what the best option is for every sale you have.

Walnut Creek became well known because of its profitability. That comes from understanding you work for your sellers and you work with your buyers. Understanding your points of cost and knowing how to manage them is a must for every business owner, including yours. We’ll spend time discussing auction and profitability management.

4. This school is intense but a joy ride

5. You decide how much education you need

6. Spend less money for more knowledge

Our instructor, David Aeschliman, has a long experience of coaching businesses and operating an auction business. He combines his deep knowledge with humor to keep things light-hearted and fun. We promise you’ll go home saying, “Wow, I enjoyed that.”

Our college offers an abbreviated 3-day course that focuses more on the chant, hiring help and running an auction. Or, you can take our longer 5-day course which further details the internal and external operations of a successful business.

We make this our promise…you’ll spend less money at this college than any other and you’ll go home more broadly prepared to start, or enhance, your business than anyone else will prepare you. Promise. Period.