Walnut Creek Auction College Advantages

Our guiding missions at Walnut Creek Auction College:
  • Do it with integrity in every exchange.
  • Do it with compassion for your sellers.
  • Do it with a business sense because that’s what it is.
  • Do it right…once in a row, every time.


Why? Because doing things with integrity is the only way to succeed in the end. Because conducting auctions for sellers makes you realize you’re selling their life possessions, collections and memories. Because doing it with a business sense makes them and you more profitable and successful. Because doing it right every time means you don’t miss. That’s why. Four simple, guiding principles, but there is much more to the advantages we offer:


Every other school and college that offers you an “education” in auctioneering focuses nearly exclusively on teaching you how to talk fast. And every other school and college is privately owned.


Not so with Walnut Creek Auction College. We go way, way beyond that.


We teach you not only how to professionally auction and cry a sale but how to become the top-flight company in your area of coverage.

  • You’ll make money because we’ll teach you how.
  • You’ll land sales because we’ll teach you how.
  • You’ll control costs because we’ll teach you how.
  • You’ll staff each correctly because we’ll teach you how.
  • You’ll select the proper selling venue and auction type because we’ll teach you how.
  • You’ll become professionally licensed per your state’s requirements because we’ll teach you how.
  • In summary, you’ll run a successful auction business because…you guessed it. We’ll teach you how.


And while we’re privately owned today, we are the only college endorsed by a public institution (Des Moines Area Community College) that is assisting us in providing this education. Together, we are pursuing the development of a degree in auctioneering; an exclusive in the industry as you simply can’t get a degree in auctioneering from anywhere…the best you’ll get is an honorary piece of paper naming you a Colonel. (We’ll give you one of those whether you attend or not.)


The chances are slim you’ll ever attend two auction colleges. That means you’ll probably never know whether or not you received all the information you’ll need to run your own business. But, we promise you this: YOU will leave here with that information. What you do with it is up to you even though once you’re a graduate of our school, we’ll be available to you for free support for as long as you need on any topic you want addressed. That is the advantage of coming here. You not only gain an education, but a lifelong coach.


But, there’s more.

Understanding Buyer Behavior

Buyer behavior changes with time and that means you must understand how to change the interaction between you, the seller and buyers. We talk about that at length because understanding buyers is crucial to making money.

Selling Venue Options

Selling venues have become rich with options; from live-crowd auctions to silent, online auctions to hybrids in between. We’ll discuss what merchandise and considerations should be used to decide what the best option is for every sale you have.

Understanding Profitability

Making money in this industry isn’t automatic. Walnut Creek became well known because of its profitability. That comes from understanding you work for your sellers and you work with your buyers. Understanding your points of cost and knowing how to manage them is a must for every business owner, including yours. We’ll spend time discussing auction and profitability management.

Intense Training but Fun

This school is very heavy on education but a joy ride. Our instructor, David Aeschliman, has a long experience of coaching businesses and operating an auction business. He combines his deep knowledge with quick humor to keep things light-hearted and fun. We promise you’ll go home saying, “Wow, I enjoyed that.”


You Decide How Much Education You Need

If you’re going to do this, do it right, do it once, do it well. Do it at Walnut Creek Auction College. You’ll get more education for less money than any other school in the country. It’s our promise.