How to Become an Auctioneer

So, you’re thinking of becoming an auctioneer? You’ve come to the right school. No other school offers what we offer in education. We stand alone with the enriched content we teach. If you want to work for yourself or operate your own business, Walnut Creek Auction College will get you there and make it very professional and profitable.


There are several ways to become an auctioneer and attending a professional school like Walnut Creek Auction College is probably the best. Or, you can simply learn the trade by spending years working with others in the profession.


Finally, you may have grown up in the industry and learned it from your forefathers or peers. The problem with anything outside of attending an education course like ours is you simply can’t learn everything we teach in one week for the small fee we charge. You’ll leave here fully prepared to operate your own business if that’s what you wish.


Bid Calling

Auctioneering Education

Becoming an auctioneer isn’t just learning to talk fast. That’s called simple bid calling or crying a sale. If you want to be a professional, auctioneering is much more than that. It’s where to set starting bids in, what increments to use, speed and rhythm, acknowledging bids, building in intriguing filler words, communicating with your ring personnel and knowing when to close the bidding with the word “sold”.


At Walnut Creek’s school, you can take our basic training course if you want to become a champion bid caller. Or, you can take our comprehensive course if your needs and wants are aligned with running a profitable auction business conducting auctions of your own as a licensed auctioneer (some states require an auction license by taking a state licensing exam, which we also teach some of the questions you’ll be expected in order to receive your particular state auction license)…or if you’re working for an auction company or auction house.

How To Run a Successful Auction Business

How to Become an Auctioneer

We’ve said it before and we’ll repeat it…running a successful auction business is not easy. We know that…it’s why we started this auction school. It’s not just about trying to develop an auction chant. It takes a lot of knowledge about contracts, marketing, expenses, product values, legal issues such as selling guns or getting appropriate licenses and most notably, how to make money.


THAT is what differentiates Walnut Creek Auction College. Teaching someone to talk rapidly and professionally is easy. And we do that. You’ll learn that inside three days. Teaching the rest of what you need to know to operate a successful company is where we stand out…alone in our industry…in offering you answers to your every question.