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Contact Walnut Creek Auction to sign up for any one of these three course periods:

January 24-26

Basic Auctioneering

This 3-day course covers how to develop a chant and rehearsing it, where to set bids in, how to manage a crowd of attendees and bidders, what bid increments should be, when to end the bidding with the word “sold”, auction bid increment disruptors used by bidders, managing tied bids and much, much more. We’ll close the course on the third day with a mini in-house auction with participants playing auctioneer, clerk, ring person taking bids from the crowd and bidders. You’ll love this inexpensive, intensive course.

David Aeschliman


January 24-28

Comprehensive Auctioneering

This full-week course begins on a Saturday and ends Wednesday night with a live in-house auction where students run the show.

This course covers the material delivered in the 3-day course, but in more depth. Then, it adds attracting business, developing contracts, staffing, supplies, auction financial settlement, different auction venues, what to charge sellers, legal issues, sale set-up and attracting crowds.

David Aeschliman