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David Aeschliman has been in the professional auction industry for decades. He’s consistently made in excess of six figures per year as a professional auctioneer…and he works this job part time! That tells you how well he runs his business. He’s even turned down as many auction opportunities as he’s accepted…because he simply couldn’t get to them in the professional manner or timeliness he operates with. He’s even worked as a contract auctioneer at other auctioneers’ requests. He’s conducted several six-figure benefit auctions, sold thousands of personal property merchandise, conducted live audience and online auctions, participated in real estate auctions and done consignment auctions. He’s lived it, learned from it and dominated his local market until intentionally slowing down live and broadcast auctions to open this professional college of auctioneering. Why?


David Aeschliman

David Aeschliman


“I’ve talked to hundreds of auctioneers and they all know how to cry a sale, but many of them complain about how little money they make. Learning how to run an auction business is far different than learning how to talk fast, so I opened this school because I just couldn’t find anyone who taught the business end of it. We’re going to teach people how to auction professionally and profitably.”—David Aeschliman


As a result of focusing more on the auction academy, today David has limited his large auction firm sales and operates exclusively with fewer, higher-end sales focusing on executive estates and high-end collectibles and antiques.


“David is fair to buyers and sellers and he has an awesome chant while others are somewhat hard to understand., He’s not only understandable but he’s also selling more than 100 items per hour. He’s clear, concise and he always lets everyone know right where he’s at with the current bid. That keeps the crowd on its toes.”—Auction attendee

 “This course was extraordinary. David cuts to the critical issues and shows you in detail how to cry a sale, walks you through bid calling and gives you practice sessions and comprehensively touches on how to manage the business. We went home and set up our business and we’re selling every week….profitably. Kudos to this course and David.” –Auction school attendee

His expertise comes from extensive research into the values and histories of nearly every item he sells, so his audiences get exposed to greater detail about considering a purchase than they do anywhere else. That maximizes the value of every item. Plus, David owns Growth Work, LLC, a marketing firm, where he conducts marketing with more than 200 businesses from across the nation. This background gives him tremendous insight in how to attract crowds via traditional and new, emerging venues.


“David’s insights into what he’s selling is unreal. He’ll tell you fascinating things about unique items you had no clue about. That makes them bring more. What a cc on a coin is, where a J.C. Higgins gun got its name, what a rhyolite rock is, which vase is fake and which isn’t…absolutely fascinating knowledge puts this guy at the top of his game.”—Auction attendee leaving review on website


You’ll enjoy David’s quick wit, extensive knowledge and great relationship skills as you find a permanent mentor in your chosen profession of becoming an auctioneer. David lives outside of Sherrard, IL on 27 acres of timber ground in a log home he built with his wife, Becky. He offers his auction education courses near the airport in Moline, IL and on the Des Moines Area Community College campus.


“I have no idea where the man gets his warped sense of humor, but when he’s trying to get another bid, he says, ‘you can buy another beer tonight or you can take this home’, cracking up the crowd. That kind of humor is used through his entire sale. People have a good time when they go to his sales, and he cracks them up with his humor.”-Auction attendee


In short, David lives the business he’s teaching. And he lives it successfully, working for himself at his own pace, doing what he wishes with his life. His love for teaching and his love of the auction business has culminated in him opening this college to you and your peers.


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