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Comprehensive Auctioneering

This full-week course begins on a Saturday and ends Wednesday night with a live in-house auction where students run the show.

This course covers the material delivered in the 3-day course, but in more depth. Then, it adds attracting business, developing contracts, staffing, supplies, auction financial settlement, different auction venues, what to charge sellers, legal issues, sale set-up and attracting crowds.

We’ll learn and then, we’ll actually walk through an auction. We’ll register bidders, hand out numbers, cry the sale, interact with a ringman, clerk and cashier so you can witness how it all comes together. Then, we’ll financially settle the sale to match our contract terms with that seller. You’ll leave here with an auction under your belt.


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“This comprehensive course teaches everything you need to know from how to bid cry to running auctions to running an auction business, from contracts to marketing to operations to legal and finances.”