Different folks have different strokes. Some want to cry a sale. Others want to be professional auctioneers and make a living doing so. That’s why we offer two courses that offer different content at our auction academy.


You can receive basic auctioneering skills and learn how to manage an auction in our 3-day course. And, you’ll leave knowing you’ll have an award-winning cry. Your voice and how you use it will attract some business and enthrall auction attendees. As a professional auctioneer, you’ll need to know how to do bid calling in a live audience and how to conduct nationally broadcast online auctions.


But, if you want to run a professional and profitable auction company while also meeting state requirements such as managing sales taxes, licensing, money management, contract requirements and on and on, you can attend our school for two more days. You’ll leave that full 5-day course with the knowledge needed to operate very successfully in the top echelons of the auction industry.


Your personal interests can be pursued regardless of what types of auctions you wish to conduct. Those range from household to personal property, real estate, specialty sales, commercial estates, antiques and collectibles to fund raising at black tie affairs. Regardless, this auctioneer school will teach you how to become a professional auctioneer with a beautiful auction chant no matter what type of auctions you conduct. 


Read the topics we teach in our 3- and 5-day courses below. You’ll know what our students will learn. Then, you can enroll in the class you desire.


3-Day Course: Learning to Auction

  • What is the chant?
  • Why do auctioneers go fast?
  • 4 kinds of chants & finding yours
  • Developing a fundamental chant
  • Practicing your chant (how, where, when)
  • Bid increments
  • Where to set a price in
  • How & where not to set a price in
  • Managing tied bids
  • What to do with no-bid items
  • Deciding when the bidding is over
  • Reading & managing the crowd
  • Bid disruptors from the crowd
  • Your team: ring personnel, clerks, cashiers
  • Managing absentee & online bids
  • Managing reserve items
  • As is/where is
  • Buyer’s premiums
  • Choice or your money buys one
  • Practicing your chant with coaching
  • Actually in-class selling items


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5-Day Course: Learning to Run An Auction Business

  • Understanding today’s industry
  • Your competition isn’t the auctioneer next door
  • Setting up your business & marketing it
  • Creating uniqueness in your firm
  • Start-up marketing investments
  • Client contracts w/ samples
  • Presenting to prospects
  • Licensing & the laws
  • Various venues of business
  • Setting up sales
  • Staffing
  • Cashiering
  • Clerking
  • Managing money via checks, cash, cards
  • PayPal, credit cards, upcharges
  • Is this potential sale worth it?
  • Watchouts to protect your business
  • Inventorying & photos
  • Order of sale items
  • Permanent buyer numbers
  • Opening the doors
  • Getting supplies (& samples of each)
  • Settling $ for each auction
  • Why run an adding machine tape?
  • Keeping your books
  • Escrow & operating accounts
  • Auction types & how to decide
  • Making auctioneering a full-time career


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