Enrollment Period: You may enroll for this specific class starting March 1 and ending March 31. Enrollment for this class will be closed at 5 pm on March 31, 2023.


Module Download: You will download all available videos, Power Points, tests, practice sessions and much, much more (apprx. 25 hours of material) and study these at your own leisure. The modules are numbered so you can proceed through them in the proper order. 


Facetime Phone Call: Once you enroll, you will receive a Facetime phone call from the instructor to discuss your future wishes and what you hope to accomplish by finishing this course. This will assist the instructor in customizing your further instruction.


Emails/Texts: You will receive approximately 10 emails and/or texts from the instructor containing quizzes, live auctions challenging you to find the bidders in the crowd and much more detailed information to assist you with specific auction topics. 


Zoom Meetings: Three Zoom group meetings will be held on April 10, 17 and 24 at 6 pm CST. You will receive invitations to these. You should attempt to have all download material reviewed and studied by the first Zoom meeting. We exchange questions/answers, practice bid calling and give you additional information. 


Live Classroom Time: On May 8, 9 and 10, all class members will meet at the FFA Enrichment Center at the Des Moines Area Community College Ankeny campus. These three days will be dedicated to polishing all business skills required to profitably manage an auction business or to teach you how to work for other auction firms. 


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