Auctioneer Training Videos

Auctioneer Training Videos



Welcome to Walnut Creek Auction College

Instructor and professional auctioneer David Aeschliman outlines the competitive advantage you’ll receive by attending this school vs. any other option. As he says, “this is the most comprehensive auction college in the country regarding the topics we cover in order to run a successful business. It’s even endorsed by a public university…no other school can say that.”



A Champion Cry – Knife

Course instructor, auction college owner and auctioneer David Aeschliman sells a Bowie Knife #5 collectible item at a record price during one of his sales. “Sorry for the gravel in my voice,” he say, “but we were on hour number five” as he laughs.



Bid Calling – Truck

Professional auctioneer David Aeschliman, who will be your course instructor, auctions off a Dodge Ram pickup. Note the set-in price (using the punch and drop method, which you’ll learn), the bid increments and the filler words in his cry as he proceeds up the price scale.




Course Topics – Walnut Creek Auction College

Aeschliman, your course instructor, outlines the Top 10 Things You Need To Become A Professional Auctioneer, all of which you’ll learn in the 5-day course. No other auction school gives you this kind of education.