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  • Welcome to Walnut Creek Auction College

    Welcome to Walnut Creek Auction. I’m David Aeschliman and I’ll be your instructor. Walnut Creek Auction College is completely different than any other schools you can attend. While other schools focus on teaching you to talk fast, or in our vernacular, teach you to cry a sale, we not only do that, but we go very, very deep into all aspects of running a profitable business. This is truly the equivalent of a short, one-week college course packed with humor, fascinating facts and deep knowledge so when you leave after the last day here, you’ll return home as a full-blown colonel that knows not only how to cry a sale, but how to run an auction business.

    Walnut Creek promises you’ll get more education for a lot less money than at any other school offering these services. I promise we’ll remove any tension or concerns you may have about going through a school, because we make sure your experience here is not only filled with knowledge and capability, but also humor.

    So, visit our enrollment page, use our easy payment options and attend our next course so you can open your own business or work for any other auctioneer with a very high level of competency. I look forward to working with you.

  • A Champion Cry

    Aeschliman crying a sale.

  • Samples of Learning

    1. There are three ways to cry a sale. We’re going to discuss the pros and cons of each method and then each of you can decide which style you like. (VOICE TAPERS OFF in all 3 comments)
    2. So, if you know you have a $100 item, there are a lot of opinions about this but where do you set the bidding in? Do you set it in at $100, $50, $10?
    3. Once you receive an opening bid, how do you decide immediately what the next bid increment should be? Let’s talk about that…
    4. So, your clients will ask you what’s all this going to cost me? Let’s review all the things you need answers to in order to answer that question….

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