David Aeschliman
The most comprehensive auction school in the country



become an auctioneer

Walnut Creek Auction College, the auction industry’s most comprehensive school, offers a basic auction education on how to bid call auctions and a complete education that sets you up to operate a professional, profitable auction company.


Whether you’re selling real estate or household goods at auction, you’re going to go home with advanced auction skills gained at our educational courses.


Look, we know there are a lot of schools to choose from, but many of them feature how to simply talk fast. But professional auctioneering goes way, way beyond that. And that’s what we do here…we teach you a beautiful auction cry and all the education required to be in the professional auction industry.


From professional bid calling (crying) to running an auction business to simply pursuing a full-time, professional auctioneer career, you’ll go home with an education no other school offers. And, you’ll be able to run a successful auction, sell real estate (some states require additional realtor education and licensing), or conduct about any type of auction you desire.


We’ll show you how to set up an auction, obtain proper licensing, market your company to potential sellers and attendees and how to settle estate sales. When you leave here, you’ll have a complete set of professional auctioneering skills. If you’re going to enter the auction industry, do it once and do it right…and that’s at Walnut Creek Auction College.