David Aeschliman
Teaching Auctioneers Their Careers


David Aeschliman

Auctioneer, Lead Instructor

become an auctioneer

Walnut Creek Auction College, the auction industry’s most comprehensive and progressive school, sets you up to operate a professional, profitable auction company.


There are a lot of auction schools, but most simply focus on how to talk fast. Professional auctioneering goes way beyond that. And that’s what we do here…we teach you an award-winning auction cry and all the education required to be an elitist in the professional auction industry.


And you get to learn in three different formats: first are the downloadable modules containing the richest content in the industry which you study at your own pace in the leisure of your own home; second are the interactive Zoom meetings held with the instructor and the class as well as the instructor and you and finally, there are the three days you’ll conclude training on the Des Moines Area Community College Ankeny, IA campus.


If you’re going to enter the auction industry, do it once and do it right…and that’s at Walnut Creek Auction College.